Personal injuries

A personal injury is an injury, physical or mental, that causes damage to health. The injury may be minor, serious or even fatal and may be caused by traffic accidents, medical malpractice, accidents at work or exposure to harmful substances.

Suffering a personal injury due to a third party, especially a serious or fatal one, is a life-changing event. The event itself is only the beginning of what can be a difficult process, involving making a claim to the insurance company, determining fault and, above all, settling the case, which is necessary to get on with one’s life.

People place a special trust in doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health workers responsible for their well-being. Unfortunately, this trust is not always repaid. In some cases, the actions (or lack thereof) of a health professional may constitute malpractice.

Having to deal both with insurance companies that adopt every strategy to minimize compensation and with the complexity of the law to obtain what one is entitled to can be extremely stressful and generate suffering, additional to that already caused by the claim.

Delex prides itself on being an expert in the knowledge of the substantive and procedural rules governing the matter as well as the practices and dynamics in use at insurance companies, and on putting its experience at the service of its clients so that they receive the right compensation.


The Law Firm’s professionals favor out-of-court case management as a priority, in order to allow for a timely and effective handling of the compensation case and to guarantee the client the containment of costs and risks, which would otherwise be associated with the establishment of a trial. In addition, Delex guarantees high quality judicial assistance characterized by the use of the most appropriate procedural tools for the swift settlement of litigation.

Delex is also supported by highly qualified professionals specialized in the medical and expert fields. Synergetic practice management guarantees an optimal defense strategy, combining a solid technical-legal basis with the best scientific evidence.


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