Environmental Damage

Climate change and global warming are a fact of life and there is little time left to mitigate their dangerous consequences, such as rising global water levels and deteriorating air quality.

The relationship between environmental protection and public health is now also recognized in current legislation, especially European legislation.

Moreover, there is a growing awareness that harmful industrial practices often have a disproportionate impact on low-income minority communities.

Litigation is therefore a key tool in the fight to preserve healthy ecosystems, protect people’s health and ascertain who is responsible for violations of laws protecting the environment.

Those involved in environmental malfeasance are often powerful, wealthy and influential, and Delex has the strength and resources to represent clients who want to assert their environmental rights even against well-funded corporations and major public bodies.


Delex’s experience in resolving complex disputes makes us extremely well positioned to act in this area, representing victims of environmental torts, especially in class and collective actions, and collaborating with academics, medical practitioners and environmental advocacy groups.


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