Diritto dei consumatori e pratiche commerciali scorrette

When a large group of individuals suffers harm, but no one has sufficient economic incentive to sue alone, these individuals may form a ‘class’ of plaintiffs in a single lawsuit.

Often, when consumers’ rights are affected, the most effective and advantageous litigation strategy to protect them is that of class actions.

Class actions are very complex and demanding. To be undertaken and successfully completed, they require a law firm with adequate financial resources and expertise.

Delex assists companies and consumers, as well as their associations, in bringing class or representative actions for consumer protection, especially in the areas of unfair commercial practices, competition law, investment services, product liability and environmental torts.

The essence of class and collective actions is strength in numbers. Hiring a lawyer and filing an individual lawsuit makes sense for a high-value case, such as a medical error causing life-changing injuries. But not all torts have equally damaging outcomes and can realistically be pursued on an individual basis.


Delex is one of the top class action law firms in the country. Our lawyers represent consumers in class actions that hold wrongdoers accountable and provide real benefits to class members.


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