Lavinia Florimo

Lavinia Florimo

“The only person you are destined to become is the one you decide to become.”

Lavinia leads Delex’s damages branch. Young and brilliant lawyer, member of Bar Association in Brescia, she has effectively contributed to the birth and development of the Delex project, sharing its vision. A cohesive team of multifaceted professionals, united by the passion and determination to achieve great results, as well as by the constant driving force towards personal and professional improvement.

Lavinia is fully committed to achieve her goals, which consist of a transparent and clear relationship with her clients, dedication to excellence and constant improvement.


Lavinia graduated in Law from the University of Brescia with a thesis in Civil Procedure.

Having had the opportunity to operate in various sectors of civil law, Lavinia has discovered a deep passion for tort law, progressively increasing her commitment to achieve the goals in her clients’ interest.

Extremely focused and dedicated , Lavinia is very active and eager to learn, constantly deepening the issues of national and international damages. She is also active in academia, holding seminars and informative workshops.


Lavinia has gained an uncommon experience in the field of tort law, managing situations of considerable complexity and successfully confronting herself with high level counterparts.

She has assisted individuals, companies and professionals, damaged or subject to others’ compensation claims, favoring out-of-court settlements, and obtaining significant results for her clients.

Being the key promoter of the development of branch damages, Lavinia has developed tools for a timely and effective management of the compensation procedure, guaranteeing the containment of legal risks and charges.

Over the years, Lavinia has built a dense network of connections with highly qualified professionals and experts specialized in the medical field, setting defensive or compensatory strategies on solid technical and scientific foundations.

Lavinia carries out her professional activity with deep knowledge of the subject, under both regulatory and jurisprudential profiles, combining the accurate use of the most refined procedural tools in civil litigation with her commitment to achieve the goal.


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