Succession Law

The Law Firm provides specific and highly qualified assistance and consultancy in Succession Law.
Our professionals of the branch assist clients in every aspect of inheritance, from the drafting wills up to opening of the succession, execution and division.

Delex has also gained great experience in all aspects related to inheritance disputes, from the gathering of the necessary documentation to the implementation of the will.

Qualified assistance is guaranteed and supported by the Notary partner of the Firm, who is in charge of carrying out the procedures for accepting the inheritance with the benefit of inventory, renunciation of the inheritance, division of the inheritance, challenge of the will, reduction of donations and testamentary dispositions, as well as mandatory mediation.


  • The services offered by Delex are characterized by their multidisciplinary approach, due to the close collaboration between the other departments of the Law Firm. Extensive and efficient assistance is provided with particular regard to fiscal and tax aspects related to inheritance law as well as to securing the masses, also with international tax advice available.
  • Thanks to a dedicated team in collaboration with leading Italian and foreign partners, such as credit institutions, affiliated offices and investment funds, Delex supports its clients in managing of the generational handover, with great attention to corporate assets.

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