Real Estate

The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving.

The consultancy activity requested by clients, both corporate and retail, have become increasingly complex over time, particularly in the case of elaborated development plans or extraordinary financial transactions.

Delex has collected numerous assistance and representation assignments, gaining great experience in the field and creating value for its clients, adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

The real estate team, which comprises lawyers, accountants and real estate consultants, is led by Alessandro Canovi, who brought the standing, experience and international scope of large real estate transactions to Delex.


The Law Firm offers high-level consultancy, developing refined strategies for the enhancement of real estate assets unattractive to the ordinary market due to intricate fiscal, corporate or technical issues. It assists its clients and partners in speculative acquisitions of non-performing loans.

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Ad Astra Global Consulting LTD

Delex is a partner of major investment funds based in London, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and it collaborates with Ad Astra Global Consulting LTD, a prestigious London advisor, in the identification and structuring of Italian and foreign real estate investments.

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