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Thousands of excellent SMEs with high entrepreneurial and technological skills, able to thrive internationally and, in some cases, reach the capital market, are not yet in contact with consultants and specialized operators who may assess their potential and introduce them to  the dynamics of private equity or alternative non-bank financial institutions.

Delex spreads the culture related to non-bank finance, creating tools and opportunities to link investors and the real economy through its own network of connections and through publications, workshops and seminars held by speakers of indisputable value.

The Law Firm is aimed at SMEs which, due to lack of awareness of concrete opportunities or proper consultants, hold an unexpressed potential. Delex, thus, provide these entrepreneurs and their companies with extremely refined and advanced tools to enhance their business.


  • After an accurate analysis of the company’s activity, Delex identifies its potential and the most suitable means for development, through the promotion of venture capitals as well as non-bank financial levers, offering the entrepreneur the orientation, the experience and all the resources of your network.
  • Delex provides advice in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, between Italian as well as foreign bodies, and provides support in the internationalization phase. Professionals in the legal and financial sector, together with partner investment banks, assist companies in the design and implementation of sophisticated extraordinary corporate transactions, ranging from the sale of companies to strategic co-operations.
  • The Law Firm analyzes and devises the correlated tax optimization strategies, including transnational operations, aimed at maximizing the benefits of extraordinary transactions and hedging the risks of future disputes.
  • Delex provides high-profile consulting services, thanks to the collaboration with banking institutions, investment funds, industrial partners and private investors, both Italian and foreign, having established solid and synergistic operational alliances.
  • Delex supports the entrepreneur throughout the business life cycle, offering advice and optimal resources in the start-up, scale-up, internationalization, generational handover, listing phases, assisting the entrepreneur and investors in the choice of the most suitable means to achieve their goals. Delex also assists in drafting the needed legal documentation, such as the due diligence, in identifying reliable partners, and in developing the exit strategies.

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