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Delex is the first mover on the Italian Litigation Funding market. Access to justice and recovery of unjust damages is subject to the company’s often insufficient financial resources or personal budget to meet the costs of litigation, which are in most cases prohibitive.

Delex believes in the enormous potential of a steady adoption of Third Party Funding, which is a precious tool for sharing risks and benefits of a dispute. Delex offers its clients, both private and corporate, the possibility to deal with disputes of great complexity and high value, without incurring into burdensome costs and eliminating the risks associated with any litigation procedure.

Strengthened by the indisputable track record of its professionals, in particular in Antitrust and Competition Disputes, and thanks to the high quality services offered, Delex has been able to develop partnerships with the main European and US Litigation Funders, launching the TPF market in Italy.

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