Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

Delex focuses on the objectives and interests of its client, both corporate and private.
Especially when it comes to necessarily complex and challenging situations, the Law Firm shares the litigation strategy, identifying solutions modeled on the specific needs of the client and on the characteristics of the case.

Delex professionals offer great expertise for an effective assistance in litigation and arbitration, thanks to its precious experience and numerous successes in courts and in proceedings instituted before independent Authorities.


  • Delex provides legal assistance in disputes relating to civil, corporate, banking and financial law, family law and succession law, in claims for damages as well as in insolvency proceedings.
  • The experience in the litigation sector and the expertise of professionals specialized in specific fields of law combine with the search for the best performance to meet the client’s need, always with great attention to efficiency in terms of time and costs.
  • Delex professionals undertake representation and assistance assignments in favor of corporate and private clients, using all the procedural or defensive tools available to them including alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), national and international, adjudicating and non-adjudicating.

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