The Delex team specialized in compensation for damages offers assistance to individuals, professionals and companies that are damaged or that are subject to compensation claims.

Having analyzed the case in a detailed manner, our Delex professional starts negotiations with the counterparty with a view to settling the case. Delex primarily favor the out-of-court settlement of cases, in order to allow a timely and effective definition of the case and to guarantee the client the containment of costs and risks, otherwise related court litigation.

However, if litigation in court cannot be avoided, our damages department guarantees high quality legal assistance and a significant track record of positive outcomes.


Delex’s lawyers specialized in damages are supported by highly qualified professionals and expects in the medical sectors. The synergistic management of the practice guarantees an optimal defensive strategy, combining the best scientific findings with solid legal bases.

The Damages sector of Delex operates both nationally and internationally, assisting the Antitrust & Competition Disputes branch in claiming compensation for damages caused by anti.competitive practices.

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