Banking and Financial Law

Delex offers assistance to its clients, both corporate and private, in dealing with disputes with banking institutions, credit institutions and financial intermediaries, both in court and before the Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF) or the Arbitrator of Financial Disputes (ACF).

Our professionals of Banking and Financial law branch, assisted by the most accredited and up-to-date sector analysts, examine the contractual documentation and reconstruct the movements that generated a debt exposure, identifying any possibility for negotiation or illegitimacy of the conduct held by the credit institution, with subsequent claims for repayment of sums unduly paid or compensation for damages.

Delex deals, in particular, with the most frequent disputes arising from loan agreements and bank account opening contracts such as usury, compound interest, undue application of commissions and expenses, as well as leasing and bank guarantee contracts.


Delex also provides assistance with reference to actions relating to:

  • compensation for damage from incorrect reporting to the Central Credit Register or other databases;
  • illegitimate enforcement of sureties;
  • undue interruption of loan disbursement, and credit line revocation;
  • unfounded contractual resolutions invoked by banks;
  • opposition to injunctions or executions;
  • renegotiation of the contractual conditions applied by the credit institution.

Finally, Delex has represented, with significant and repeated successes, entrepreneurs and private individuals in actions against credit institutions and financial intermediaries, for the compensation of damages resulting from investment operations in shares, bonds, derivatives and other instruments, both domestic and foreign, made in the absence of the requisites of risk appetite and adequate information of the investor.

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