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“Tranquillo quilibet gubernator est”

Nicola has over 30 years of experience in corporate finance. His professional approach as similar to that of an internist, since he is keen on considering companies a complex organism in a constantly changing scenario: he deems essential to thoroughly analyze not only the value and importance of single parts but also the overall interrelationship between the different parties involved.

Nicola prefers team-work as he loves sharing the appropriate strategies with the entrepreneur, the management and the professionals of the Company, with a strong focus on operational and financial management.


After completing his classical studies and graduating in Economics from the University of Naples, having gained significant managerial experience within Credito Italiano, he embarked on a professional path in the field of business and management consulting, with specific regard to SMEs and issues relating to the Finance and Management Control area.

Registered in the Turin Order of Chartered Accountants and in the Register of Statutory Auditors, he is Senior Member of COFIP – Professional Financial Consultants Association.

Over time he has been a founding partner of several firms and consulting firms with other professional colleagues in the financial, accounting, corporate and training sectors.

Thanks to the experience gained with Cofip, Nicola has the opportunity to use specialized tools for financial analysis of financial statements (CeBi System), including prospective ones (Summary), credit rating assessment, as well as performance (private – public risk centers) .

On behalf of the Ministry of Economy (Sviluppo Italia Spa) and the Piedmont Region, Nicola has for years carried out training and tutoring activities for young companies, with specific regard to financial management, budgeting and business plan.

He was also a consultant for the Vocational Training and Work Department of the Piedmont Region, with regard to the issues of Business Creation and Cooperation.

Nicola is in charge of consulting assignments for SME clients – sometimes also as CFO with a temporary management contract or in outsourcing – mainly dealing with relations with the credit system, financial planning, treasury management, budgetary control and the implementation of analytical accounting systems.

In addition to supporting companies to ensure better coverage of the finance and control areas, Nicola assists companies for bank rating analysis, implementation of creditworthiness, definition and evaluation of business models, verification of the financial sustainability of new investments, including the preparation of the documentation necessary to certify to possible lenders the ability to repay, both in terms of equity and debt.

Nicola also deals with banking and econometric consultancy for SMEs and individuals, taking on assignments as technical consultant in both civil and criminal matters on accounting and financial matters.

He is also educator and researcher on issues related to business management, with particular regard to the financial and budget / control area, thanks to the numerous collaborations maintained over the years with public and private institutions.

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