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“It is the hope, never satisfied nor extinguished, of a worthy life, of man and of a society in which pax et iustitia osculatae sunt, the most intimate force that animates the humanity of law.”

Irene is a decisive and conscientious professional, extremely accurate when handling legal issues. What drives her is the constant desire of facing new challenges, in order to grow and self-improve.

Her legal activity, which she manages to exercise with expertise, attention and tact, revolves around natural persons-related issues, in particular Inheritance Law, Family and Children Law.

Irene offers judicial and extrajudicial assistance, supporting clients to solve issues concerning legal persons, with a particular focus on fragile people, minors, family and marital crises, and inheritance matters.


Irene graduated in Law from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, with a final dissertation on Administrative Procedural Law. 

She continued her professional training by practicing law. In particular, she began by studying and dealing with social and healthcare cost-sharing matters, mainly in favour of elderly and disabled people. 

Over the years, Irene has cultivated a growing interest in all civil aspects of Inheritance, Family and Personal Law. 

She is a member of the Bar Association of Cremona. 

During the last decade, Irene has worked in various law firms, before joining the Delex, with whom she shares the values and the mission. 

Irene has developed significant expertise in the above mentioned legal areas, which she is constantly studying, in order to provide her clients with a highly qualified assistance. 

Being conscious of the various implications related to the subjects she deals with, Irene manages valuable and complex positions with discretion and professionalism. When handling either patrimonial or intimate issues, she relies on the assistance of notaries, psychotherapists and family mediators. Moreover, in regard with tax and fiscal aspects, she is supported by Delex team of professionals. 

Within Delex, Irene promotes training and awareness-raising events concerning individual and family rights, protection of vulnerable persons and inheritance, with a focus on the most relevant social issues.  

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