Gianluca Tumminelli

Labor Consultant
Professional Coach
HR Manager

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About Gianluca

“Il fiore perfetto è una cosa rara. Se si trascorresse la vita a cercarne uno, non sarebbe una vita sprecata.”

Gianluca has over 20 years of experience as a Labor Consultant, and deep knowledge of Labor Law and Trade Union Law. Over time, Gianluca has further expanded his training becoming an increasingly skilled and qualified HR Professional and Manager. He manages and supports every aspect of corporate human resources, in a phase characterized by a profound reorganization of the Personnel Departments from mainly technical-administrative units to strategic poles for the development of the corporate mission and of the various business lines. A precise, eclectic professional, with organizational flexibility and transversal interests.


Gianluca holds a degree in Economics with a major in Law at the University of Brescia.

He obtained from the Ministry of Labor the qualification to exercise the profession of Labor Consultant in 2000 and he obtained the “HR SPECIALIST” Specialization Master in 2018 at the Sole 24ore Business School in “Selection, Training and Development of Human Resources”.

Among the many titles and certificates, Gianluca graduated as an ICF / AICP Professional Coach in 2019 at Karakcter Coaching School, Licensed “Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming” in 2019 at Karakter Coaching School, Executive Master in 2020 at Gema Business School in “Human Resources Organization and Development”.

Gianluca mainly deals with Labor Consultancy, with particular focus on the study and application of corporate welfare tools and advanced management of human resources. He coordinated extraordinary operations, including transfers, mergers as well as bankruptcy procedures, collective dismissals, extraordinary supplementary funds, with related union negotiations. Over the years, he has also obtained important positions as a lecturer in Labor Law and personnel administration and management at the University of Brescia, Euroconference, Atena, Saef, Ancl Brescia, Ancl Verona, Trade Union Associations of Brescia and Lodi.

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