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“Vires acquirit eundo”

Francesco is certainly the great mind behind the Delex project: he has promoted an important evolution in legal consultancy and commercial litigation on the Italian market. An versatile professional, in constant search for improvement, over the years Francesco has collected innovative stimuli from the Anglo-Saxon legal and financial tradition, adapting them to the Italian reality, knowing how to grasp a wide range of unmet needs, especially in the world of SMEs.


The passion for entrepreneurship and financing is reflected in Francesco’s heterogeneous professional and academic career. Having graduated in Industrial Economics from the University of Brescia with a thesis in Business & Economics, Francesco has spent ten years delving into the retail banking market, gaining experience and connections in the Mediobanca group. Parallel to his never neglected passion for humanistic culture and art, crowned by a degree cum Laude in History of Modern Art at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Francesco dedicates his skills to the legal profession, which he identifies as the tool to generate value for his clients and partners. He graduated in Law with a thesis in Bankruptcy Law at the University of Parma; then he co-founded a multidisciplinary law firm, where he has accumulated experience in litigatio, corporate and bankruptcy law over the past ten years.

He is member of the Bar Association in Brescia, Italy.

After meeting extraordinary professionals and entrepreneurs who recognized themselves in Francesco’s deep passion for business and non-banking finance, he channeled them into the Delex project thanks to his exceptional skills and experience.

The partnership with the best professionals in Antitrust & Competition Disputes as well as Litigation Funding was decisive to promote Delex Law Firm as a center for the spreading of non-bank finance culture and collective actions supported by Third Party Litigation, in order to generate massive value for the world of SMEs and the Italian entrepreneurship in general.

Francesco is extremely active in his technical and professional training, focusing on studying Non-Bank Finance, of which he is an expert and updated observer.

Francesco is constantly looking for tools and processes to create and share value with his clients, especially corporate.

Based on twenty years of experience in the world of finance and legal advice, Francesco is gaining a deep knowledge of the equity market, corporate finance and extraordinary finance, constantly expanding his network to high-level business partners.

Francesco assists and represents entrepreneurs and companies as financial advisor and consultant in M&A, Equity Funding and Non-Bank Finance transactions.

He also supervises the Antitrust & Competition Disputes and Litigation Funding branches, developing relations with foreign partners.
As promoter and driving force of the Delex Law Firm project, Francesco has assumed the role of managing partner for the three-year period from 2020 to 2023.

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