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Daniele has a 15-year experience in the banking sector, where he has collaborated with prestigious banking groups covering various roles, including corporate management specialist.

The strong passion and specialisation in corporate finance has driven him to work as corporate financial consultant since 2016.

While working as consultant, with assignments of increasing complexity and economic value, Daniele has constantly updated and strengthened his professional skills, attending highly specialising courses concerning corporate finance issues.

Daniele focuses his activity on the spread of financial culture, especially in regard to Italian undertakings. Within his high-level consulting job, he mainly seeks to clarify the relation between companies and risk capital bearers, providing tools for a proper perception of the risk of outside capital bearers and creating opportunities for both companies and equity partners.


After graduating in Economy and Management at Parma University, Daniele’s career began at Monte Parma Banking Group, and then continued at Intesa Sanpaolo.

In 2016, Daniele started his own business consulting activity in corporate finance, while undertaking several specialising courses, which have improved his ability to analyse financial statements.

In order to support his expertise, Daniele relies on rating methods which are similar to those adopted by banks, such as the rating of Meio Credito Centrale, Damodaran, Alman’s Z-Score, as well as an internal scoring based on the main markers observed by banks.
Daniele’s professional expertise is integrated by the fine skills developed within the risk data examination conducted for the Bank of Italy, the evaluation of investment projects, the elaboration and review of business plans, with a focus on start-ups and ongoing companies, and the preparation of economic and financial plans.
Furthermore, Daniele is one of the leading experts in Enterprise Evaluation, as he masters any calculation method and technique, and having developed his own models whose features are the extreme complexity and effectiveness.

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