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Law of Technology and Digital Innovation

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Considerate la vostra semenza: fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.

Since her arrival in Delex, Camilla has immediately embraced the founding values ​​of the Law Firm: commitment, sacrifice and passion.

With growing enthusiasm, Camilla has developed a deep interest in a completely innovative and rapidly expanding field, such as the Law of Technology and Digital Innovation.


Camilla graduated with full marks in Law from the University of Trento, top Italian university with a strong international scope, discussing a thesis on “Corporate welfare within the C.c.n.l. of metalworkers “.

Passionate about the business world, she has invested time and energy in her field, actively studying and directly experimenting the business and production dynamics of the main industrial realities in the Northern Italy. The growing need for legal advice and assistance related to new technologies has led Camilla to a strong interest in national and international law and regulations related to the digital world and the processing of personal data.

Camilla deals with Law of Technology and Digital Innovation.

Her commitment to this innovative and multifaceted subject, which combines traditional law with technological development, allows her to effectively provide corporate clients with great opportunities offered by such innovative field.

Camilla fluently speaks Spanish and English.

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