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“We don’t choose how our story begins but we have the power to decide its ending.”

Attentive observer, researcher and visionary. In a world where numbers and measures rule, Alessandro has been able to build a creative approach capable of bringing out the hidden value and transforming it into a competitive advantage.

Twenty years of experience in the real estate sector and a luster invested in the digital sector allow Alessandro to face and manage situations of extreme complexity.

The solid track record of positive high standing transactions, both Italian and foreign, together with the exceptional conceptual and operational flexibility, make Alessandro one of the most interesting consultants in the real estate sector and extraordinary financial transactions with real estate underlying.

Alessandro has also developed important relationships and skills in the banking world, taking on assignments as a trusted consultant or placement agent for prestigious real estate complexes.


Starting from a technical background, Alessandro has developed his own skills in the field, coming into contact with the most complex and evolved negotiation and strategic dynamics.

After four years of intense experience in the US market, Alessandro has concentrated his resources in the Italian real estate market, constantly expanding his relations with foreign institutional and private investors, in particular in London, in Luxembourg and in Switzerland.

Alessandro firmly believes in the constant learning process, for which he dedicates time and energy to training activities that range from subjects strictly related to real estate, to collateral areas, such as digitized acquisition and management processes and the A.I.

Alessandro is a reference point in the real estate sector and, in general, in the valuation dynamics of real estate complexes, investments and financial transactions with real estate underlying.

Having worked with highly skilled entrepreneurs and investors in prestigious environments, Alessandro benefits from a substantial flow of information and business opportunities.

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