Delex office in the Principality of Monaco!

Delex office in the Principality of Monaco!

01 April 22

DELEX Studio Legale & Tributario Internazionale is pleased to announce the launch of a new office in the Principality of Monaco, in partnership with Cofimo Advisors who have been offering high-level business consultancy for twenty years.
The firm will support Private and Corporate clients in opening Monegasque companies and developing relationships, providing legal, tax and labor advice.
The Principality of Monaco has maintained a great appeal over the years as a basis for the structuring of commercial, corporate and capital transactions. The lively real estate market and the opportunities in the fashion and tourism fields make it a place of great interest for our investors.
We thank Dr. Enrico Feraboli, managing partner of Cofimo, for the exceptional opportunity.

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